The Hyper Pro Training classes are a fusion of martial arts techniques, plyometrics, acrobatics, creative forms and weapons forms, and special events to inspire the world's top martial arts athletes.


Student must be enrolled in the leadership program to access Hyper Pro Training.       


This training provides all the essential ingredients for you to:

  1. Learn the honored values of martial arts such as Respect, Integrity, Honor and Discipline.

  2. Develop Life and Leadership Skills which will guide you throughout your life.

  3. Learn to train and condition your body to its outer physical limits.

  4. Gain confidence and overcome the mental, physical and emotional challenges.

  5. Express your creativity by both creating the movements and performing your creation in front of people.

  6. Share the ATA camaraderie with others who love this Revolution just as much as you do.

  7. Have fun and enjoy another face of ATA programs and Cancino's Black Belt Academy is the place to start your training.